The Bridge Builders Institute
The Bridge Builders Institute  

The Bridge Builders

Possibly it was never more necessary than today to learn, understand and talk about politics and history to save and protect the humankind and environment from catastrophes.


Even The Economist reports on July 18th 2019 about that the study of history is in decline in Britain. And it's for sure that it is all over the same and starts already at school! 


As long as we do not know and understand about our history and how and why our present world developed as it is and that we all are in the same boat as long we can't solve problems or bring people more close. Than all -ism have the perfect soil to grow, rapidly, as it seems today. Fake news, uncertainty, ignorance, fear and hideous and oafish heads of state and other politicians, CEOs etc. are the perfect fertiliser for it.






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