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There is just one wonderful world and we all belong to it - it's our world!

Let us not longer be domineered by stupid, greedy people!

Let’s create a better world on our own!

Full of peace, harmony and prosperity!


 !عندنا فقط هذا واحد عالم رائع وكلنا ننتمي إليه - إنه عالمنا

!دعونا لا نسيطر على  الناس الغبيين الجشعين

!دعونا نخلق عالما أفضل معاً

!مليئة بالسلام والوئام والازدهار


Solo hay un mundo maravilloso y todos pertenecemos a él:

¡es nuestro mundo!

¡No nos dejemos dominar por gente estúpida y codiciosa!

¡Creemos un mundo mejor por nuestra cuenta!

¡Lleno de paz, armonía y prosperidad!



Thoughts of today

Monday, September 09th, 2019


Phoenix from the ashes


In the former german capital Bonn is the museum Bundeskunsthalle. Up to November 2019 you can untertake a virtual journey to horrificly destroyed cities: Mossul in Iraq, Aleppo and Palmyra in Syria and Leptis Magna in Libya. That's definitely the most touching and most deeply impressing I've ever expirienced. On huge screens you fly over these totaly destroyed cities by drones in a 3D-animation. And they integrated transparent picture points where you can see the buildings as reconstructed. That's absolutely amazing and leaves you thoughtful, compasionated and on the other hand fueld by hope, that at the end of the day the good will be the lasting one. And these areas of ancient hight cultures will be rebuilded and revived like phoenix from the ashes.



سلام - إن شاء الله


Von Mossul nach Palmyra – Behind the Art from Bundeskunsthalle on Vimeo.

Thursday August 28th, 2019


Holiday - the recipe for sucess


We always knew it: a loooong holiday is the best what one can do to solve a problem


It sounds harmless: the british parliament holidays are prolonged. Probabely many of us would be happy about it. But here it's not about holiday but politics, more worse: about ruining the world. And, of course, the british MPs haven't got more holidays. This naming is just bad style of the news agencies to catch more attention.


Dictatorlike, Boris Johnson suspended the parliaments sitting for five weeks after the summer break so that MPs can not debate or prepare anything to stop or mitigate the consequences of leaving the EU without agreement. Even if it is legal, it's perfidious!


Johnson is not just devalueing his country and the british, scottish, irish and walis people but the democracy en bloc, smashing it irretrieveable. A country, a nation is not by one's own circeling the universe, politicians are not acting in a vacuum. There is a new kind of politicians, heads of state, they are governing in a very strange manner, not just in the UK but allover. They all are elected by free will, and the voters know about their ideas and aims very well. But after coming into power these politicians are not behaving in a classical, traditional, participative way like representing the will of the people, like there would be no tomorrow.


They too are not pure dictatores, pure totalitarians, pure demagoges or populist; none of them entered the position as head of state by coup d'etat. No; they are elected by legal, valid elections by people who could at least be perfectly informed because they have exept from Turkey free medias, free press, the legal right of freedom of expression, even if this seems to be a dying one. UK, Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, USA etc. etc. etc. In all these countries all -isms are growing, rapidly; the intolerance, isolation, separation, we-first-mentality, too. The right-winged are on the rise, in too many countries... and that means, there are not enough others to keep the system in balance - sooner or later.


And all head of those states have in common to be stupid, obviousely not well thaught in history, politics, sociology, psychology or how international relations and a global governance is developed and working. They are unable to think and therefore to act. It's nearly miracoules that one 'tramp' can destroy in just two years the hard and compassioned work of decades of benevolent politicians.


Dear remainers in the UK, maybe you can use your days off to prepare what ever possible and badly needed for the best? Certainly there are good reasons indeed for the desire of so many Britains to leave the EU that we continental Europeans do not understand or can't agree with and nevertheless, they will be the right one for the UK. But are they really worthy to loose maybe much more by leaving the European Union than a remaining would do? Are they it really worthy not only at least to weaken your country but the whole European Union and the other European countries and to bring a new shape to the world's interrelations, which will be most likely not to the better?


Good luck for all and everything! Think twice - act wise.


And by the way, do you think you could care to find a better prime minister? And is there anybody who can explain to me how it was possible that Boris Johnson could become elected???

When 'we the people' don't want to be overrun by incredibly bad and stupid people then we have to start to use our mind and all our legal instruments to kick all the -isms and bad politicians out of office. And we should try hard to convince these one who voted them, whose consequences of their malpractice will damage all of us and first of all yourselves.



When you are interested in the full text of Boris Johnson's letter to the MPs you can find it here on BBC

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